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1650sf  Thin Lot One Story Custom Open Plan Design • 3 Bedroom • 2 Car Garage


First Floor Plan  1650 sf


All Elevations • Contemporary Front Elevation Curb Appeal 

1640 sf Thin Lot Two Story Custom Modern Design • 2 Car Garage w 1st Floor Study

3 Bedroom Upstairs with Master Bath • Upstairs Laundry Closet Work Area

Thin First & Second Floor Plans Close Up

First & Second Floor Plans


All Elevations

2200 sf French Cape Cod Designed For A Thin Lot • 3 Bedroom • 2 Baths & Laundry

First & Second Floor Plans 1130 1090  = 2220sf_edited.jpg

First Floor Plan  1130 sf

Second Floor Plan  1090 sf

Front Elevation_edited.jpg

Front Elevation

Right Elevation_edited.jpg

Right Elevation

Rear Elevation_edited.jpg

Rear Elevation

Left Elevation_edited.jpg

Left Elevation

1500+ sf Thin Lot Custom Designs

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