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 4450 sf Two Story • 4 Bedroom • 3 Car Basement Garage • First Floor Study/Playroom Oversized Great Room w Fireplace • Large Kitchen & Breakfast Area

Family Room Entertainment Center • 2 First Floor Guest Baths • Large Foyer w Closet

Large Master Bath & Walk-In Closet • Walk Out Basement


First Floor Plan

Dksn Front & Rear Elevations.jpeg

Front & Rear Elevations

Dksn Right & Left Elevations.jpeg

Right & Left Elevations

Second Floor Plan

Dksn Foundation Plan.jpeg
Dksn Wall Sections.jpeg

Foundation Plan & Steel Layout

Building Sections

Dksn All Elevations.jpeg

Elevation Mass, Angle & Window Study

4000 sf Two Story • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Car Garage • 1852 First Level  2149 Second Level

First Level Library & Family Room with a Large Breakfast Area • Library separated for noise control • Dining Room Ajoins Living Room For Formal Entertaining

1450 sf Addition To Existing Residence

1st Floor Plan x_edited.jpg
2nd Floor Plan x2_edited.jpg

First Floor Plan  1852 sf

Second Floor Plan  2149 sf

Front Elevation.jpeg

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation (close up).jpeg

Rear Elevation • Mass & Window Study

Right Elevation (close up).jpeg

Right Elevation

Left Elevation

Left Elevation (close up).jpeg

4500+ sf Modern Designs

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