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This project was an art piece to be the cover of a music instruction manual and then framed. The owners idea was to compose something having his flair for competitive solo performance using elements such as a special uniform and drum. The owner is in an orchestra from Finland 

1st Sketch_edited.jpg

Initial Sketch

Elements of a solo performance had to be in the composition with instrument, uniform, music and stand.  I added the flag of Finland as a method of drawing the eye around the art and giving a greater opportunity for shade and shadow contouring later as the work progressed. I am already trying to find places to use lights and darks.

2nd Sketch w Specific Info_edited.jpg

Sketch 2

The owner had many changes of detail after deciding to go with the composition idea. The drum was a particular famous brand having specific detail. The uniform had extra cording and a cap having many details. I added the change of direction for the flag striping as it went over the rim and realized the Finland flag had a much wider stripe. What's a drum without sticks?

3rd Sketch w More Compsotion Elemants_edited.jpg

Sketch 3

The composition changed now forced to have everything within the limit lines. The white striped pants were placed on a hanger instead of dangling in mid-air. Many angles are now working to move the eye around the painting. The idea of a winners trophy behind the focal point gave more perspective and depth. Final proportions and light vs dark areas are near complete.

Final Black & White Art.jpeg

Final Art

All the details now had to be placed.  The uniform cording was on the wrong side and was changed.The shade and shadowing of small knobs, holes and buttons had to be finished as well as reflections off a shiny floor material.

The largest change was the trophy and fining a shape that fit the composition. I went with metal to allow lights to work against darks and topped it with what one would actually find at a contest. The white areas move upward to the right while the sticks point upward left, something else to consider when contrasting the verticals of the instrument, pant stripe, music stand and trophy.

Ken Mazur Custom Art & Design

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