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Octagon House

Shelby Township Michigan


The Pittsburgh House is a simple rectangle to save energy costs with a large addition built later into the side of a small hill.

The exterior is simple wood slats but the interior is where it shines copying the angle of the hill to make for some dramatic level changes and exterior views of four season color and texture.

Octagon House  St Clair Shores Michigan

After many years the owners stated they loved the house.


Red is dominant, prominently displayed throughout the dwelling. 

I offered a solution considering "yin and yang" whereby two separate cultural ideas exist within the same space, introducing 45º angles that separate spaces and lead observers to the next space.


No square footage was wasted. When a design opportunity presented itself to add a thin but functional library with an area to read and get away from it all, the owners agreed.  

A stairwell separates the living room form kitchen and informal fireplace area.  Light has ample opportunity to bounce around and display the prime red color scheme.

The stair railing extends halfway over the bar area to break up and add interest to a three-dimensional space, taking the viewer closer to the dramatic views nature provides with a full glass wall.


Brick and use of cultured stone elements in Shelby Township Michigan

A modern floor plan and exterior from the owners Canadian based samples made for a challenging design to fit a small lot.

Kitchen Modern_edited.jpg
Minimal Kitchen_Dining 2_edited.jpg
Exterior Left Angle (close up) 1_edited.jpg

The interior continued the quest for a sleek modern solution and an emphasis on cool blue and gray hues not seen much in the surrounding area.

Modern Kitchen & Hall_edited.jpg

Silverdot Ken Mazur Residential Designs

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