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Quicksilver Illustration & Design now delivers renderings all over the United States. Preliminary perspectives are done from the project PDFs. These are sent to the firm for review. Final art is photographed in high resolution for quick deadlines involving municipal presentations.The art is then packaged and shipped to US destinations.

With 35 years experience, Quicksilver Illustration & Design makes renderings look better than a photograph.

This is achieved by refining the composition, using complimentary colors and advanced shading techniques.  Construction document elevations in 2-D can be made to look like a 3-D perspective, perfect for meeting a quick deadline for a Parade of Homes, advertising print or municipal presentations. (They always look impressive up on the office wall). Compare quality, time and price.  Quicksilver services many disciplines: builders, general contractors, developers, architectural, engineering and design firms and sometimes is involved with city planners.  Clients enjoy two week service or less using the Internet to transfer preliminary sketches and reference material.

Clients choose from Casein Tempera, Gouache, Marker, Pen & Ink, Watercolor and Oils.

Casein and gouache allow tight photo realism with a looser, artsy solution using marker with ink or watercolors.

Quicksilver can do entire promotional packages including logos, renderings, marketing sheets, site  and plot plans.

Having worked for architectural and surveying firms out of college, Quicksilver understands turnaround pressure.

Quicksilver does not need the use of computers to formulate a composition or color palette solution.

That is like a musician who creates a piece of music. Yo hear all the instruments as you write the piece. In architecture you see all the pieces and walk through wha you will render in your head. I believe "thinking it through" is more intuitive than hitting computer buttons.  You have to imaging yourself being there outside or in the space. 

Allow me to give you a free quote on your project.

Preliminary drawings are created from your emailed PDF documents. A preliminary sketch is then emailed for review.

High resolution photos are emailed of the art. Final art is then photographed or scanned, then wrapped and shipped priority with tracking numbers.

Residential Renderings     An 11 x 17 inch format allows color copying and is easier to ship (larger sizes available)

Approximate price of a 2800sf house with common details: quoins, columns, stone. landscaping, etc.

Prices negotiable with large orders.

11 x 17 Pen & Ink   Elevation - $175 / Perspective  $250

11 x 17 Transparent Marker or Watercolor  - Elevation $250 / Perspective  $300

11 x 17 Opaque Realism in Casein Tempera or Gouache  - Elevation  $325 / Perspective  $375

11 x 17 Floor Plan   Pen & Ink  $150   Opaque Color Realism  $225

Commercial Renderings    Sizes 11 x 17   15 x 20   18 x 24   20 x 30

Price is determined by the decisions needed to execute the rendering, required brush stroke detail, color complexity and reference materials. The addition of cars, people, site amenities and signage adds cost. Aerial views are much more detailed and time consuming. Commercial base price is $400 to $600 for simpler elevations, stretching into $2000 or $3000 for complex hi-rise architecture or detailed aerial perspective. Casein tempera realism is most expensive.

Looser design stage art using ink and marker or watercolor with gouache is less expensive but less detailed.

Site Plans and Subdivision Plots are available in black & white or color. Casein tempera provides the sharpest detail.

Interior Renderings   

The cost of interior renderings is slightly more expensive then exterior ones, dependent on textures, furniture details  and ambient lighting complexity as there are many more light sources producing glinting and shadows.

Silverdot Illustration & Design likes to service client within two weeks.

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