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Ken Mazur fuses world-class virtuosity, state-of-the-art electronic percussion & DJ skills into Rhythm Architecture. Success comes from diligent research and testing of melodies from around the world people enjoy, world-class technical skills and hundreds of percussion instruments from which to choose. The result is a signature act - tasteful, modern and unique - with the visual attention of live music. Offer your patrons something to remember. No one else is doing this act or has this repertoire in the United States. 

Rhythm Architecture has music people of any age want to hear more of, seen at museum and hotel grand openings, juried fine art fairs, golf clubs, corporate and municipal events, fine dining restaurants, fundraisers, VIP areas and private events. This act travels. Performances occur in Florida, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and and Illinois.

Rhythm Architecture has a more diverse repertoire than other soloists or duos that sound the same and repeat material usually having one instrument and a vocal. This act has music with horns (trumpet, trombone, saxophone) strings (guitar, cello, violin, bass) winds (oboe, flute, clarinet), not to mention hundreds of percussion instruments (including piano). 

People prefer high skills and variety when they sample the town at night, not the same songs over and over.

No one has my repertoire, collected from places travelled around the world and melodies people ask the names of.  

Patrons call it "happy music"..... a unique sampling of upbeat tempos combined with a subtle jazz influence. 

Rhythm Architecture can switch from dinner music to pack the dance floor in seconds, especially useful at weddings or when the hotel/bar/poolside active evening crowd arrives. It is like having a world-class drumline rock the dance floor. Dancers move to the beat of the drums. Retro-remixes combine Motown, Disco and Urban Pop with current radio hits. 

The background music repertoire is perfect for listening by candlelight, fireside, waterfall, or barefoot under the stars.

Patrons state it sounds like "happy music." 

Warm thoughtful contemporary Ibiza Island motifs from the Spanish Mediterranean mix with NuJazz riffs from Brazil's windswept coastal beaches to create soft waves of sound, syncopated  by R&B grooves dusted with a touch of soul. Slow dancers sucumb to it. People love these sets.

Unique Presentation  

Pleasant Repertoire  

Sophisticated Ambience

People dance to the beat of the drums. 

Rhythm Architecture is like having a large drumline at your event. My 17 years drum corps marching experience adds electricity to any wedding, nightclub or dance floor using drumline arranging techniques and advanced technical skills to add unique textures and accent patterns. Tenor drums are used to create interesting counter melodies or support existing phrasing.

The audience sees notes happen LIVE!  Drumline syncopations always impress and nothing captures attention like a drum solo! This drummer invented choreographed competition solos, precursor to the hit movie - DRUMLINE!

Nightclubs throb to the pulse of EDM, House,Techno and Trance, then wind through all the Motown, 70s 80s and 90s favorites including the modern Latin genre.

Rhythm Architecture is unique and versatile.  

Municipal festivals request upbeat and forceful music for their stages, having strong accents and counter-rhythms.

Big Band charts and the dominant trumpets of Latin Jazz need strong percussion and rhythms that rock the house. Add Tropical Salsa, Merengue and Bachata to the mix and stir with easy listening, radio Top40, alternative and Urban Pop to create sets unique to your event.  

Rhythm Architecture has a more diverse repertoire than acts using one instrument and a vocalist because it has a full ensemble sound using trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute, oboe, violin, cello - any number of vocal combinations - and hundreds of specially chosen percussion voices. 

The speeds and visuals in this video are those used in world class solo compeiton drumming.


The Rhythm Architect invented modern Olympic training techniques and choreographed competition drum soloing to compete, precursor to the hit movie - DRUMLINE!

People are mesmerized when seeing the unusual speed and power - not simple 8th notes - and all the exciting accent patterns and textures of a competition drumline.  

Solos are used as a compliment to the music, a skill that makes an event special and memorable.

Rhythm Architecture sometimes teams with musicians and other DJ's.

The act can perform dinner music, then join a small combo or band.

Musicians will improvise knowing when to stay in the background and when to solo to keep dancers moving to the beat. 


Since musicians usually work from tapes or CDs to learn new charts, It helps if everyone knows a wide selection of music genre.

Weddings, Nightclubs and Municipal Festivals looking for a unique and original performance have used this solution.

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