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People dance to the beat of the drums.

Nothing attracts attention like a good drum solo.

Speed. Power. Accents. Tonality. Very Visual.

Electronic Dance Music presents many opportunities to solo. Rhythm Architecture adds the marching percussion technique of "Implied Melodic Line" where tenor voices copy the existing melody or go directly against it with a new one. It is "implied" becaue drums under the size of 18 inches are non-specific in pitch. This is why symphony orchestras might have their smallest timpani at 18" or 20" depending on repertoire.

Dancers don't care. They like the excitement of live music and sticks moving so fast they create a blur.

The Rhythm Architect invented modern Olympic training techniques and choreographed competition drum soloing, precursor to the hit movie - DRUMLINE!

Some of the moves are those used in world class competition. Compeiton drumming mesmerizes dancers because they see highly unusual speed and power, not to mention all the exciting accent patterns and textures the genre can create.  It is used as a solo compliment during the evening, one of those rarities that makes an event special and memorable.

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