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Rhythm Architecture presents music people of any age want to hear more of. It fuses world-class virtuosity, state-of-the-art electronics and marching percussion arrangement techniques into a unique repertoire of many music genres, each creating a special ambiance for your occasion. Success comes from diligent research and testing of melodies people enjoy, world-class technical skills and hundreds of percussion instruments from which to choose. The result is a signature act combining drumming, percussion and Dj skills - tasteful, modern and unique - with the visual excitement of live music.

Rhythm Architecture has a much more diverse repertoire than one instrument acts that sound repetitive. Rhythm Architecture brings a full ensemble sound to your event. It changes from background dinner music to dance music in seconds. With 1500 tunes, it can be teamed with a band or another DJ. The act fits in small spaces with a 6" x 7" imprint. 

People have called Rhythm Architecture background music "happy music", perfect for patrons who want to hear each other talk but still have a unique, pleasant atmosphere. This could be a wedding dinner, upscale restaurant, juried fine art art festival, hotel brunch, private party or VIP tent at a golf tournament.  

The unique repertoire has been gathered from around the world packed with a sophisticated ambience people enjoy.

The Poolside Mix is laid-back but upbeat for those sun-drenched, breezy afternoons in the shade and the warmth of a fireplace by the evening.

The Festival Mix is for outdoor municipal festivals wanting a heavy presence. Big band charts and quicker tempos keep the party going. Expect lots of brass.

R&B sets carry the syncopated rhythms and smooth vocals of Motown to the modern big band with soulful ballads slow dancers succumb to.

Rhythm Architecture "Easy Listening Radio Mix" has many popular Radio top40 selections.

Latin genres of Salsa, Merengue, Y Su Son and Bachata are available by request of hotel guests and municipal festivals. Feisty brass sections and mutlplie percussion alongside the storytelling of Bachata.

People dance to the beat of the drums.

Rhythm Architecture is like having a large drumline on your dance floor that accompanies the music to put the crowd in motion. Different dance sets combine oldies with current genres: 60s 70s Motown to Disco, EDM to retro re-mixes.

There wouldn't be a party without the jazz-like melodies and percussion of EDM - Electronic Dance Music. Popular on radio stations, the genre is an upbeat cousin of "house" music

The Nujazz Repertoire has a faster tempo with tasteful syncopation and pleasant melodies.

House Music is a dance floor staple with active percussion, singable melodies and upscale vocals. Rhythm Architecture mixes it with EDM and Motown retro-remixes.

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