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Quicksilver Illustration does personalized commission art for special occasion.

Have your home, business or streetscape rendered in color or ink as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Illustrations sometimes go up on the wall or in magzine print for local community advertising.

Let me quote you a price free of charge.......

The artist can work from family photographs, movies and newspaper clippings.

A preliminary pencil sketch is done to size the proportions and composition. Changes are discussed, then the art goes into final colors and shadowing. Many times special items are added to personalize the art piece. It could be the graduation gift of a car or memories of a honeymoon, a favorite backyard scene or a photograph you wish to bring to life. The items do not have to be architectural. 

Cost is determined by complexity and detail. A hardline black & white sketch is less time consuming but color renderings attract greater attention. Pricesare determined after viewing the reference material which can be sent online to A simple house front elevation in ink is  

$125 - color $200. Adding signage, cars or people adds details, which takes extra time and therefore increases the cost for a rendering. Business fronts with signage begin at $250. I can bring your photograph to life and add personal touches. Contact me for a quote.

Residential (Casein) 01 Wood w:Porch & R

Atlanta house moving away gift from a photograph.


"No Ticks"  (pen & ink pointillism)

Drum Corps Personal Collection


"Train Over The River"  (watercolor)

This train tressle is in a small town park overlooking a river

Private Collection


"Through The Bend"  (oil on canvas)

Commission work via photographs.

"Before Jobbie Nooner" (watercolor)

Boat owners take off work to party at noon out on Lake St Clair twice a year. Festivities begin docked in the Marina at Metro Beach.

Composition via photographs.

A casein tempera painting going up on the wall of a new home.

"Looks Like A Strike"   (oil on canvas)

There are lots of bowlers out there.

Logo (March Creek) bright.jpeg

A hunters club had the need for a new logo.


"After The Race" (oil on canvas)

Only a runner would understand 


"Trombone Practice"  (oil on canvas)

Private Collection

"Nightlights"  (Watercolor)

Freighters and a big moon on Lake St Clair

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